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    Geeta Glasses (India) Pvt. Ltd. (GGIPL) is a dedicated, world class Toughened / Tempered glass manufacturer for Home, Architecture, and Infrastructure, Automobile giants in India and around globe.

  • Our vision

    Our vision is to give safety to your vision. We want to see the world safe behind our safety glass, The Geeta Glass.

  • Our mission

    Our mission is to give the best Glass solutions to the world being the best glass processor of the world.

We cater to


To give the modern aesthetics to the Architectural façade, we have full range of safety glasses.


With all required certifications and quality standards, we have become the best emerging OEM supplier.


To fulfil the emptiness of interior scape, we provide the wide range of attractive and safety product range.


To provide insulation and clarity we supply glass for Displays of the refrigerators and food display units.

Our Range of Products

Toughened Glass

 Curved Glass

Reflective Glass

Laminated Glass

Insulated Glass

 Ceramic Printed Glass

UV Printed Glass

Back Painted Glass

 Low-E Glass

Heat Strengthened Glass

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