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Understanding the requirements of our customers, we have maintained our collection of industrial and engineering products in such a way that successfully caters to the needs of various industries. Some of the industries are as follows:


IATF Certified 16949:2016

Experience has its rewards.

2.75 M

sq.mts/yr glass Production Capability


Collaborations done in India

70 k+

Glasses installed in vehicles


Geeta Glasses

Geeta Glasses,  leading Toughened Glass processors in India for over 50 years, is striving every day to constantly ensure the satisfaction both of our customers and of end-users.

Our success relies on five pillars anchored in our corporate culture: our Quality approach, our Innovation orientation, our Full-Service mindset, our Global footprint, and the strong partnerships we build.

Cost-Effective Quick Delivery Finest in Central India

Strong Bonds, Stronger Structures.

Geeta Glass is a business built on relationships! When you partner with us, you can rest assured that we’ll work day and night to turn your dreams into reality.

Apollo Premier - Indore
Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth- Vishwavidyalaya
Pinnacle Dreams - Indore

The one stop solution for all your glass needs!

Toughened Glass

Curved Glass

Reflective Glass

Laminated Glass

Insulated Glass

Ceramic Printed Glass

UV Printed Glass

Back Painted Glass

Low-E Glass

Heat Strengthened Glass

Start Your Next Project with Geeta Glasses. Let our experts find the perfect solutions for you!

Relationships that last

Geeta Glasses is the Sliding window glass supplier to the Railway industry.

Geeta Glasses